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Host a Screening of CUT in Your Community


In the Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare by Boone Cutler and General Michael Flynn, gathering in person is part of what they call "dominating the physical domain." This is seen as tactically sound precisely because it undermines psychological operations and cyber warfare tactics that rely on social media and compromised news outlets.


During the world premiere of CUT in Arizona, the discussions that ensued with the cast and the audience were extremely powerful. It was incredible tapping into the visceral response of an in person audience. It is these discussions that often lead to effective, boots on the ground action in our local communities.


IYou're invited to host a screening in your community to catalyze more local action in your neighbourhood. If organizing a community event is outside of your personal capacity, send the link to contacts who are skilled and passionate about planning local events. 


This film has the power to inspire waves of real change and awaken your community!

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