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For Immediate Release

Documentary Film Premiere & Pre-Order:
CUT - Daughters of the West​

Simon Esler’s ground-breaking and insightful documentary investigates the history of cosmetic surgery, teenage mental health and modern media trends that reveal part of a larger warped legacy being handed to young girls, leading up to the explosive popularity of gender ideology.


Toronto, Ontario – March 8, 2023


Independent filmmaker Simon Esler announces the premiere and digital pre-order of CUT - Daughters of the West, a cultural fever dream exploring the impact of the current transgender craze on girls, beginning with the origins and history of plastic surgery.


By following plastic surgery's progression into the birth of cosmetic surgery, CUT investigates the moral and cultural precursors that have enabled transgenderism in girls to thrive. The film uncovers that alongside the rise in puberty blockers, hormone therapy and double mastectomies, there was an exponential increase in girls seeking breast augmentations and cosmetic genital surgeries. 


Additionally, CUT explores the influence of pornography, the feminist icons promoting cosmetic surgery and cultural sexual liberation movements, resulting in the normalization of permanent alterations to female bodies based on defined social trends and self-diagnosis.


Esler shows how the introduction of gender theory in popular culture, its amplification via smart phones, and social media has created an unprecedented number of pre-teen girls in mental health crisis. The film raises significant and valid questions about the current social conditions playing an influential role in girls seeking irreversible gender-based medical interventions.


In true cinematic form, Esler carefully and deftly weaves the voices of experts, outspoken citizens and detransitioners, who have risked their careers and reputations to raise a larger question with far greater, long-term implications: 


“What is the cultural and historical legacy we have handed to teenage girls on the precipice of womanhood?”

"Cut is a powerful film. It frames this difficult topic in a pragmatic, non-political way. It backs up the information with key evidence showing where this tragic and inorganic surge in gender dysphoria among the youth (particularly girls) has come from. Very well done and very moving. I hope as many people as possible can see this film.”  - Scott Armstrong, Rebunked News


"CUT is a window into what it means to grow up as a girl in our hyper-sexualized, media obsessed, superficial culture. The war on children must come to an end. It's time for a parenting revolution.” - Landon Starbuck, Founder of Freedom Forever


"Cut splices right through the socially acceptable forms of dysphoria, be it gender dysphoria or otherwise. With scalpel precision Cut dissolves the saccharine coating around the modern-day poison pill of the corporate-sponsored surgical medical industrial complex. One can only hope this illusion-destroying inoculant can be delivered to those soon-to-be-victimized children and people caught up in the hype. A must-see exposé in the same class as What is a Woman." - Justin Deschamps, Founder of the Charles Whitfield Charity for Healing the Child Within 

The VIP world premiere screening for CUT will take place on April 15th in Phoenix, AZ as a fundraiser for The Gavel Project ( The event will include a panel discussion with Esler and other figures featured in the film. Please contact Seak Smith at to request a press pass.


CUT is now available for pre-order through Vimeo’s On Demand platform for rental or purchase 



Simon Esler 

Independent Filmmaker

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