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Legacy Keepers

When I was creating my film CUT - Daughters of the West, and studying the impact of the gender affirmative model on young girls I had a profound realization: that all the phases of the gender affirmative model imitate a traditional rite of passage. 

However, the difference was also a stark realization. The gender affirmative model was not rooted in creating meaning from the difficult transition of childhood into 
adolescence and eventually adulthood. Instead, it was inverting the entire purpose of a rite of passage by framing the natural struggles of adolescence as some sort of cosmic mistake in which a child has been trapped in the wrong body. 

I came to understand that one of the ways we can protect our children from these kinds of influences is to build them authentic rites of passage that deeply honour who they are. I wondered, is one of the reasons the gender affirmative model is spreading through teenage girls as a social contagion due to the lack of authentic rites of passage for pre-teen and teenage girls in our culture?

When I was making my docuseries Superorganism, I came to a similarly relevant realization:

the primary reason there is a war on the nuclear family is because of its capacity to produce legacies. Specifically, legacies that thrive outside of dependence on government, media and public education. 

We are up against an enemy that is using inverted rites of passage to rob children of meaning as they transition to adulthood, while they also target the traditional family unit to ensure that we don't produce family legacies that function outside of the systems of control designed to enslave us.


It is from my years of research and filmmaking on these topics, combined with my own experiences as an unschooling father that Legacy Keepers was born.  

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Legacy Keepers Notebook - Dark

A sacred space to document your profound insights gathered in the Legacy Keepers programs. This notebook was designed for you to preserve the wisdom you are cultivating for generations to come. 


Heroes Journey Poster

Unveil the mystique of the ages with this poster that depicts the timeless odyssey of the Hero's Journey. Behold the stages that shape legends and forge destinies – an adventure where courage meets legacy, and ordinary becomes extraordinary.


Legacy Keepers Notebook - White

A haven for chronicling the profound insights acquired during the Legacy Keepers programs. This notebook is specifically crafted for you to safeguard and pass down the wisdom you're cultivating to future generations.

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