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MOM Army:

A survivor led organization working collaboratively to break the cycle of abuse and exploitation. Holding the vision of a world where kids feel safe, loved and honoured.

The Truthful Therapist:

Resources for parents seeking to support their children's mental health

The Gavel Project:

A non-profit legal organization that exists to fight unethical government and employer mandates and protect the freedoms of Americans, especially children.

Parents of ROGD kids(rapid onset gender dysphoria):

A support group of parents who are concerned about the affirmative care approach of supporting their RODG children

Gender Dysphoria Support Network:

The Gender Dysphoria Support Network (GDSN) is an international group that aims to offer support to families of individuals affected by gender dysphoria

Advocates Protecting Children:

Organization dedicated to fighting the gender industry, especially its predation on children

Partners for Ethical Care:

Raising awareness and supporting efforts to stop unethical treatment of children

Gender Dissent (in Canada):

Exposing the money and influence behind the gender industry in Canada

Gender Dysphoria Alliance:

A community with concerns around current gender medicine and activism

Our Duty:

Support for parents who want to protect their children from harm

Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine:

Clinicians and researchers evaluating current interventions for gender dysphoria

Transgender Trend (UK):

A group of parents, academics and childcare professionals sharing resources and support

Sex Change Regret:

Website by detransitioner Walt Heyer to support to detransitioners 

Conservative Therapy Directory:

Find a professional therapist that is open minded toward a conservative belief system

Jackson Bone Law:

Law firm supporting victims of gender medicine​

Detrans United:

Website started by detransitioner Chloe Cole to bring detransitioners together and give them a voice.

Gender Health Query:

A resource and community for people concerned about same sex attracted young people harmed by medical transition for gender dysphoria


Transman Scott Newgent's site, dedicated to making trans health safe and stopping the medical transition of children

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans:

Stories written and edited exclusively by parents with first-hand experience in the upside down world of gender ideology. PITT is a space for parents that have been impacted by gender ideology to share their uncensored stories, experiences, and thoughts, while remaining anonymous to protect themselves and their families.

Wait Until 8th:

The Wait Until 8th pledge empowers parents to rally together to delay giving children a smartphone until at least 8th grade.  By banding together, this will decrease the pressure felt by kids and parents alike over the kids having a smartphone

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