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Super Organism: Chronicles of Wisdom and Warfare 

Embark on a gripping odyssey with 'Superorganism: Chronicles of Wisdom and Warfare a six-part docuseries that lays bare the battle for the traditional family.


Filmmaker Simon Esler intricately intertwines his own personal narratives with a riveting exploration of the family as a resilient Superorganism, designed to pass down wisdom through generations.


In a world increasingly aware of the New World Order's designs on the family, Esler delves deeper, revealing the clandestine Toronto Protocols – a playbook for multigenerational warfare by an elusive group calling themselves The 666. As the audience familiarizes themselves with the war on the family, they're invited to unmask the secrets behind the Protocols, fueling a powerful journey of enlightenment, empowerment, and defiance.


Brace for revelations, as 'Superorganism' challenges assumptions, ignites the spirit, and preserves the essence of human legacy.

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