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The battlefieldofInsight andUnderstanding

Enhancing your cognitive function is essential for success in modern warfare. My courses and classes are designed to help you do just that.


From practical exercises to targeted training, I provide insights and resources that help optimize your performance in day to day life.

Image by Federico Bottos

Free Course: Navigating the Cognitive Battlefield

Crazy times out there! Glad you made it here. 


Here's the deal. You live in a war that is focused primarily on human cognition: the way you think. The enemy's main weapon is narratives. On top of that, your brain has been conditioned by life in the Western world, which only makes you an easier target. 


This is the new battlefield. 


So how can this interplay between cultural conditioning and the unfolding mind-war be navigated? How can we each develop situational awareness?


I poured time and effort into creating this free e-mail course for you because I see how much my community is struggling to navigate the ongoing conditions of the human story.


I have been researching this war for two decades. Now you have access to some of the deepest research I have done yet. 


3 Modules will arrive in your inbox over 6 days. You'll get assignments, takeaways and practical tools to get you situationally aware. Get it!

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