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Your Strategiccommand center

"War has evolved. The line between citizen and soldier is gone"

Hi, I'm Simon Esler, welcome to my hub. The world of warfare.


Amid the pressures to know and take action, it's easy to lose sight of oneself. Yet, taking a step back and reconnecting with your inner self becomes not just crucial, but the most pivotal aspect of this journey.


In my pursuit of truth, I once tried to lead others, only to realize that for me, the most profound guidance emerges from simply living authentically.


Instead of laying out a predetermined path, I now share my journey. One that thrives on curiosity and a collection of more questions than answers. 


My focus is not on guiding you toward a specific destination but on sharing foundational principles, practical observations, and personal insights. I am particularly interested in examining fearful aspects of society, and identifying potential threats to our collective survival.


Over the past decade, my explorations have unveiled insights into navigating the complexities of modern warfare. These investigations have not only uncovered strategies to ease stress and nurture inner wisdom but also address the immense fears that accompany uncertainty.


Modern warfare calls upon us to cultivate resilience in a whole new way. Survival in this context demands our genuine selves, fully engaged and responsive to the challenges that arise.


So…would you like to Join me in developing emotional, mental, and physical resilience?


Together, let's face the challenges of remaining awake, aware, and authentically ourselves.

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A thought-provoking film that delves deep into the demoralization of the Western world and how it has impacted the minds and bodies of young girls. Explore the captivating history of plastic surgery and its evolution, as the film meticulously navigates the moral complexities of the cosmetic surgery industry. With poignant storytelling, the documentary shines a spotlight on the surge in procedures like breast implants, labiaplasties, leading into the explosion of gender-affirmative transitions in teenage girls.


Engage with the crucial discourse surrounding these social contagions, which have stirred conversations among concerned parents worldwide. Join us on a journey of reflection, understanding, and awareness, as CUT - Daughters of the West sparks conversations about the challenges our girls face in an ever-changing world.

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Our commitment to developing awareness and promoting free-thinking drives everything we do. From informative and engaging articles to captivating videos, we create content that inspires and challenges our audience. We take pride in providing content that helps people see the world in a new light and educate themselves on important issues. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and intellectual growth.

Best Value

Family Defender Bundle



Eye opening docs to empower parents against ideological threats. (Prices in $CAD. Approx. 18 $USD)

CUT: Daughters of the West

Super Organism - 6 episode series

Vague Rules Documentary

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